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Kind permission of Felix Dobrin


The Men who graced my life

    Australian Grand Champion & NZ Silver Medal Champion Xioma Sagebrush

    Smudge   VALE 2014




Smudge was the first Chinese Crested to achieve a Silver medal award in NZ. He is a multi B.I.G winner
He was a great ambassador for the breed both in NZ and Australia. He is the eternal Gentleman, never uttering a cross word to anyone.
Smudge will be sorely missed






Australian Grand Champion & NZ Champion

BIS All Breeds Multi Best In Show All Breeds

Xioma Fire In The Sky

Billy  VALE 2014


In the short time Billy was in NZ he amassed some fantastic wins, starting with the

Prelude to the Nationals in 2007.

Prelude to National Show: Mrs M Keast NSW: - BEST OF BREED 

NZ Nationals:  Mr Fernando Da Costa Maia (Brazil): - Best of Breed and One of 5 selected for BEST IN GROUP

Asian Breeds Show: Mr Stanley Shen: -Best Of Breed: - One of 4 selected for BEST IN SHOW 
13th Oct 2007; South Canterbury Kennel Society Champ Show
Mr T Valli   NSW- BEST IN GROUP: Mr G Whitfield   NZ  - RUNNER UP BEST IN SHOW  
20th Oct 2007; Malvern All Breeds Champ NZ: - Pam Douglas of NZ - RUNNER UP BEST IN GROUP
Saturday 8th Dec 2007 Canterbury Junior Kennel Society: - RUNNER UP BEST IN GROUP 
Sunday 09th December 2007 - Canterbury Junior Kennel Society: Mrs. B Borjeson Sweden: - BEST IN GROUP:  
Mr.J Lowbridge of NSW: - BEST IN SHOW  also gaining his Bronze Medal
13-Jan- 08       Ashburton Kennel Association: Lavina Diamanti NZ - R/UP BEST IN SHOW

Letter from Jeanette Bryce in NZ. Handler of Billy


Within the last 12 months Billy has won two All Breeds R.I.S. and one B.I.S. (the first ever for a Crested in NZ) and was invited to take part in the Supreme Dog Show 2008 Contest.  This was a first for the Chinese Crested breed in New Zealand
The show was held last yesterday - indoors; the benching area was in a tent like area attached to the show hall. The day was windy, wet  - VERY WET and cold! We had to report at noon for the heats then got to go home at 3:30 before reporting for the final run offs at 5pm.
We arrived back at the motel about 1am! A long day
But this little trail blazer just keeps doing it.....he showed like it was a hot summers day. New Zealanders love the under dog and for some reason think this is us! So when ever we went in the ring a loud cheer erupted. Billy really loves applause and it physically lifted him, must admit got me going as well! Beyond all my expectations we made it all the way to the Quarter Finals - a real achievement.......along the way knocking out various Aust, English and NZ Grand Champions. Even in the cold this wee man showed his butt off for me!


Although several people have told me they saw him have a couple of wee yawns by midnight




Dog Tired














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 Funtosy I Am The Law
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 Xioma Rocketman
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BIS, Multi RUBIS Aust Grand Champion & New Zealand Champion Xioma Fire In The Sky
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